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4 x 1 HDMI Switch with Optical Toslink Routing - Full 1080P


Description: Simplify your HD connections.

This Product has been updated. Please try the Octava : HD41-ARC

Do you find your HD system too complicated to operate smoothly? Now you can upgrade your existing Surround Sound Audio Receiver to a HDMI switching receiver and simplify your theater system! This unique 4x1 HDMI switch routes both HDMI and Optical Toslink Audio signals. Now you can set your HDTV and Audio Receiver to 1 single INPUT and simply select all your sources through the HDMI switch. No more fumbling with multiple rmotes. The built in Toslink routing and our unique Smart ScanTM algorithm will make your theater system easier to operate at a fraction of the cost of a complete HDMI Audio Receiver.

This unique switch allows you to switch between 4 HDMI sources , 4x1 optical Toslink and 4x1 Digital Coax Audio switching to your HD monitor and Audio Receiver.

Clear EYETM transmission line and ISI reduction design will ensure pristine digital video signal from source to display. Smart ScanTM algorithm intelligently selects the correct HDMI source so you can enjoy the program instead of fumbling with the remote. Approved by Wives and Kids!

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Install Guide (PDF, 263KB)




  • 3D support
  • Deep Color Support.
  • Full 6.75 Gbps
  • Works with HDMI or DVI-D, HDCP-enabled HDTV
  • Supports high resolution video 480i/p, 720i/p, 1080i/p
  • 4 x1 Toslink optical audio routing.
  • 4x1 Digital Coax audio routing.
  • Clear EYETM design optimizes HDMI signal transmission
  • Easy to switch 4 HDMI or DVI-D sources to one diplay.
  • Seamless integration with your existing Audio Receiver.
  • Smart SCAN TM algorithm intelligently selects the correct input. Approved by Wives and Kids!
  • Backward compatible with DVI-D
  • Remote Control (IR) included. Discrete Code allows direct channel control.
  • Energy Smart. Auto standby mode when HDTV turns OFF.
  • LED dimming control for ultimate viewing.

HDMI switch 4 port +Toslink app

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4 x1 HDMI switch with 4x1 Optical Audio(without cables)



This Product has been updated. Please try the Octava : HD41-ARC



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Front View

Back View

HDMI Inputs
HDMI Ouputs
IN/Out Connectors
19 pin HDMI female type-A
Optical Digital Audio Inputs
Optical Audio Outputs
Coax Digital Audio Inputs
Coax Digital Audio Outputs
Display Selection
Smart Scan,Push Button, remote control
Single Link Range
480P,720i/p, 1080i/p
Video Data Rate
6.75 Gbps
Vertical Frequency
24/50/60 Hz
Cable Lengths
6 feet In, 30 feet out
11.5 x 3.4 x 1.5 inch

DC adapter(included)

9VDC, 500mA
Remote control
Infrared, discrete code.

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