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HDMI / IR / Digital Optical Audio over Ethernet cable Transceiver


HDMI over CAT5e/6 Transceiver allows transmission of HDMI, I.R. and Toslink Optical Audio over standard CAT-5 / 6 Ethernet cables. The HDMI Transceiver consists of a HDMI Transmitter and a HDMI Receiver and allows transmission of 1080P HD over 150ft over Ethernet cables (CAT-6 recommended). Infrared Extension allows I.R. signals to be sent from viewing area to the equipment room. Optical Audio Toslink In/ Out port is provided to extend Optical Toslink Audio signal from Source to the Surround Sound Receiver.

CAT 6 cable is recommended for 1080P and best performance

The HDMI over Ethernet Transceiver allows installers to use standard CAT 5/ 6 cables for ease of installation. Ethernet cables and connectors are easily field terminated thus allowing installers to easily install the proper length cable needed for ultimate flexibility and eliminates logistics problems of having custom length HDMI cables.

Active Drive and Compensation circuitry ensures error free video transmission for the ultimate HD experience .Typical connection lengths of 300 ft ( 1080i), 150ft (1080p)

External Powering. The HDMI-Ethernet utilizes 2 dedicated power supplies to ensure reliability and minimizes loading on your HD sources.

Install Guide (PDF, 107KB) See Demo Video

HDMI Ethernet Extender IR _Digital Audio Application



  • HDMI transmission using Ethernet cables
  • Infrared I.R. Extension using Ethernet cables
  • 3D support
  • Digital Optical Audio Extension using Ethernet cables
  • 300ft ( 1080i) , 150ft ( 1080p) over Ethernet CAT-6 cables
  • 6.75 Gbps aggregate data rate
  • Ethernet cables for easy field installation. No custom length cables needed.
  • Active Drive and Compensation for Error Free Transmission
  • Perfect for Projector or Digital Signage applications
  • Dedicated external powering for ultimate reliability.
  • I.R Receiver and I.R. Transmitter cables included


HDMI Ethernet Extender_IR_Digital Audio top

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HDMI / IR / Digital Optical Audio over CAT5e/6 Extender

includes IR Receiver and IR Transmitter cables


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HDMI + IR / Digital Optical Audio (bi-directional) over CAT 6 Extender

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HDMI Ethernet Extender RX  IR_Digital Audio _back

Front View

HDMI Ethernet Extender RX  IR_Digital Audio _back

Back View

HDMI Ethernet Extender_TX_ IR_Digital Audio _front HDMI Ethernet Extender TX  IR_Digital Audio _back
IR Receiver Extender cable IR Transmitter Extender
HDMI Inputs
Infrared In/Out
Optical Digital Audio In/Out
HDMI Outputs
Ethernet cables required
  • CAT 6 cable is recommended for 1080P and best performance
  • EIA/TIA-568-B termination (T568B) recommended.
  • Punch-down connection block/panel will degrade performance and not recommended.
  • Use a single link of CAT-6 cable wherever possible. Using a Keystone connector will reduce link distance
Single Link Range
Link distance
120 feet with CAT-6 cable (1080p)

3.30 x 3.88 x 1.25 inch

(83.9 x 98.7 x 31.9mm)

DC adapter(included)

2, 5VDC adapters included

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